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1st June 2012

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The Home of Muay Thai and Muay Boran Instructor, Kru Suphan Chabairam

ムエタイ・古式ムエタイのマスターインストラクター、スパン チャバイラム先生のページ 

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Over 10 years of experience...

Official and the head instructor at the Muay Thai Conservation Institute of Thailand (M.C.C.T) at National Stadium in Bangkok which is a part of the Department of Physical Education under the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

During these 10 years, Kru Suphan has lived and been to various countries (17 countries), traveled schools and institutes in almost every provinces in Thailand for giving training and seminars and has had number of students from various countries.

His passion and loyalty for Muay Thai Boran and own country, have break through the language barriers and have made great communication with oversea students and also made strong bond between.

He truly respects all his students and always cares them all. 


ムエタイの指導にあたって10年以上の経験を持つスパン先生は、タイで唯一の政府機関(観光・スポーツ省付属)であるムエタイセンター(Muay Thai Conservation Centre of Thailand*-M.C.C.T-ムエタイ保護教育機関)の公式最高指導責任者です。

*M.C.C.T. ムエタイセンターはバンコク国立競技場内。ムエタイイベントの管理・組織などに関わり、他ムエタイジム総合の最高機関。



Message from Kru Suphan

Sawatdee krap.

Hello, thank you for visiting my website.

I have been fortunate to meet and train many students from many different countries.  Their back grounds are also very varied, some are experienced Muay Thai fighters, professional self-defense trainers, tourists, never learned any martial arts, kids, school teachers, police, army etc... and they have built myself of today.

I just like to thank all of you for being interested to learn Muay Thai and Muay Boran. It is our culture and I am so grateful for seeing people respect, admire and understand our Thai culture.

I am truly lucky and happy to be a kru Muay Thai (Muay Thai instructor). It is from all your support and by that I can keep trying to teach traditional Muay Thai Boran in the right way for many people. So thank you very much.

Dear my students or everyone who has never learned Muay Thai or Muay Boran, learning Muay Thai is not about learning how to fight.  It is about how to protect yourself from danger by using whole body especially your brain. You always have to connect your body with your brain.

At last, please remember, learning Muay Thai is enjoy, happy and entertain. Do not be too serious, do not think too much. That will make you a good learner and also a good teacher.

Enjoy, happy, entertain... that is my Muay Thai Boran.

Thank you.  Kob kun krap.

Suphan Chabairam 







これまで私と学んできた生徒のみなさん、また、今までムエタイ、古式ムエタイを学んだことのない方、ムエタイは戦うために学ぶのではありません。 ムエタイは、自分の体、特に頭脳を使って、危険から自分の身を守るために学ぶものです。常に脳と体は一体であることが重要です。

最後に覚えておいてほしいこと、それは、ムエタイを学ぶ時は、エンジョイ・ハッピー・エンターテインです。 神経質になりすぎるの必要はなく、考えすぎる必要もありません。それが、上達のコツで、教えるコツでもあります。




スパン チャバイラム