Suphan Chabairam

Kru Muay Thai Boran

Be Muay


**Learn Muay Thai, ENJOY : HAPPY : ENTERTAIN**

Be Muay is the concept of Muay Thai by Kru Suphan Chabairam

Kru Suphan always teaches all students that he teach Muay Thai not to be "Nak Muay (Muay Fighter)" but to "Pen Muay (be Muay)".

Being Muay means being someone who is disciplined as can listen, think, speak, do, is confident, can escape from problems and knows and understand the culture and the tradition of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is not only about fighting on the ring.
It is the art and culture of Thailand and can be learned as exercising, self-defense, education, fun and as an art.

Anyone can learn Muay Thai and no need to be a fighter.
Or, to be a real Nak Muay (Fighter), one needs to be Muay first.

Muay Thai is so much in detail.
No one can ever learn or understand Muay Thai for 100%.
So if you cannot be too serious when you are learning Muay Thai.
Enjoy, Happy, Entertain.. that is the tips of Kru Suphan when you learn Muay Thai.
Learn enjoy and happily, so you will remember.

Repeating and reviewing, keep practicing..
then you will be Muay automatically.


Team Be Muay

Mami Sato
coordinator and assistant
Demonstrates Wai Kru and Muay Boran
Supports promoting traditional Muay Thai Boran around Thailand and overseas 
Coordinate Be Muay 's activities and assist Kru Suphan's works.

Assisting Kru Suphan's trainings and seminars, and also demonstrating Muay Boran with Kru Suphan.

Performs and teaches Wai Kru various places around Thailand and overseas.